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Lalamasaka Hatry ny Ela

Lalamasaka Hatry ny Ela (Old Path in English) is a Website dedicated to the American Couple Missionaries, Bro MA Daoud and his wife Sis Jane Collins Daoud. They are the founder of the Church Jesosy Mamonjy (Jesus Saves) in Madagascar and all over the world, in 1963 (Please see the reporting video by clicking this link) and the owner of the Bible printing house, International Bible Association located in Dallas Texas 75 222, USA. They died and buried in Madagascar and we  carry out all their works which focus on preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, sharing the word of God to sinners and leading them to salvation.

Apart from the books, audio sermons and teaching by the Founder, we work with Christian believers, Pastors, and Preachers of the Jesosy Mamonjy Church all around the country and gather all testimonies from them.

You can read some of those testimonies by clicking Sharing Testimonies

Moreover, we have a recording studio for both Video and Audio for Testimony production so that you can hear what God has done to Malagasy people who shared with us their salvation, healing and miracles. Please go to the link

Finally, we work with children and give them the opportunity to feel Jesus in their lives, and train them to walk according the way of God so that in return they can be used by God to save their neighbors and other children. For that, we have Sunday school, we have Free Musics learning (click here to go on facebook pages : Musics and Voice Orchestra)

Lalamasaka Hatry ny Ela is a nondenominational Christian organization and our  team members are all volunteers, we have been working voluntarily since 2011. We always focus on our vision to share the Gospel to the lost, provide our Pastors and Preachers who are ministering in isolated places and carrying the cross of Jesus Christ, give biblical solutions to poor community in Madagascar.

Your generous gifts and supports help us accomplishing our vision to evangelize Madagascar:

  • Prayers for all of us so that God gives us power , strength and health to the ministries.
  • Equipment to improve the work.
  • Financial support for Evangelization.
  • Evangelization tools: Bible, Song book, flyers and booklets, audio and video testimonies, books for children.
  • Materials needs for Pastors and Preachers
  • Materials for Church building.
  • Or any other supports that you fins useful for the works of God.

We invite you to directly Join us or make a donation in the Menu-Donate

God bless you

With all our heart