The Harvest

After seven months of revival meetings in five different islands, God had given us 500 converts and four established churches in islands that had never had a church before. All this was accom­plished on less than $500.00 total expenditure per person. Today there are nine churches with an average attendance of more than 750 every Sunday, where before there was nothing in the island of Antigua. All the churches established on this trip are self-sup­porting, and even give missionary offerings to help spread the Gospel to others.

Brother Stoppe stayed in missionary work where thousands of people have heard him preach the Word of God, and today he is supervising the spread of the Gospel throughout the Caribbean area.

Not long ago I had the privilege of passing through St. Thomas and I dropped in on the meetings. No one knew I was coming and it was a week night, just before Christmas. Over 200 really born­ again Christians were out to prayer meeting! When testimonies were given, one after another told of how they were saved when we were there over four years ago, and now they are rejoicing in the wonderful salvation. Ten families are in other countries, and among those early converts there are three preachers: one is Brother Steel who is pastoring in New York City.

Obedience has an endless chain of blessings; disobedience, an endless chain of disastrous results. Lot tired to gain the world, had lost it all!