Lalamasaka Hatry ny Ela

Speech Testimony num1, by Pastor Miandry Rabenarivelo

©Lalamasaka Hatry ny Ela have a small Video Studio Recording for Testimony production. We collect different kind of miracles and work of God in all around Madagascar, from near to far and inaccessible villages. We are working to English under titling the movies. If you see our project must be financial supported, feel free to contact us so that we...

God is not mocked, Bro Daoud, Jesosy Mamonjy Ankorondrano

The consequences of the youth sin. The importance of marrying a believer. The punishment of marrying an unbeliever. The precautions to take and to be aware of before entering into a bond of marriage. Preaching and teaching for young people. Tutors and Parents can take lessons to guide young poeple.